Saturday, September 6, 2014

EDITORS NOTE: Today we are taking a "personal day," and offer to you the following two poems: she said, he said. We are sure our feelings for each other are not unique to ourselves. In these times of great stress, we invite you to declare your love to your partner, too, and we hope you enjoy ours.

No, I’m Not Done Loving You

A poem by Libby Norman

No, I’m not done loving you —
            It’s forever.

I miss you deeply.

I’ve discovered that I am greatly comforted
            by reading your handwriting —
It’s so distinctly YOU,
            from every shape of the letters
            to the flowing organization
of thought
            to the content and the method
                        of expression
(the words and phrases you choose
to say what you are saying)
are still so uniquely YOU,

I can almost believe
            I can hear you saying the words…

Lets me feel close to you,

And sometimes I can even smile
            and read the words
            and “hear” them in my head
            and feel them with my heart.

No, I’m not done loving you —
            It’s forever.


A poem by Charles Patrick Norman  

I have a partner, we’re joined at the hip,
It may sound discomforting, but it’s not.
When I might stumble, she tightens her grip,
We don’t love a little, ‘cuz we love a lot.

Before I met her my life was a mess,
Upon my shoulder I had quite a chip.
Her gentle spirit caused me to confess
I needed her love to finish this trip.

Whoever came before, I just forgot
With her by my side I won’t lose my way.
Whether winds are cold or fires blazing hot,
I’ll always love her till my dying day.

With Libby’s hand in mine, I’ll never slip
She’s the greatest treasure I ever got.
Why she came to love me I’ll never guess
Shelter and guide her, Lord, I daily pray.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww you two.