Saturday, September 5, 2015



My friend and webmaster, Dan Faulkner, in Seattle, sent me the most recent statistics he compiled from both the blog and the website. With new readers in Malaysia, Monaco, Kuwait, and many others worldwide, ninety-eight countries are represented. That’s 98, as in two shy of 100, not counting the newest additions.

The website statistics offer some interesting details. I am amazed at the diversity of the people interested in the Free Charlie websites. Each month we get multiple hits from Beijing, China, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with other log-ons from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Americana, and So Jos Dos Campos, Brazil, along with Rio Branca, Aere, and Goinia, Goias, Brazil, and other suburbs of Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world. I wonder what draws people from such exotic and distant places to read a prisoner’s words.

Hobart, Tasmania, makes the 99th country, if it qualifies as a separate entity from Australia, home to other frequent readers. Paris, Ile de France, multiple cities in Sweden, Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), New Delhi, India, Saunalahti, Eastern Finland, Japan, United Kingdom (mostly England), Lisbon, Portugal, Tenerloh, Pahang, Malaysia, and others too numerous to list, make up a fascinating mix.

The United States comprises the majority of world readers, with virtually every state represented over the past several years. We get a lot of hits from Florida — the good ole Florida Department of Corrections is well-represented each month, with entries from Lake Butler, Florida, which apparently is where their server is located. It seems just a tad irresponsible that so many prison employees log on to these websites from state computers during working hours. What do you say, Secretary Julie Jones?

The corrupt state employee who dogged me for 2 ½ years, stole my mail, and wrote several fabricated d.r.s (disciplinary reports, all later expunged) against me for pursuing my First Amendment rights inside prison, is a consistently frequent reader in Crestview, Florida. She holds a grudge, it seems, but can’t get over her obsession with my writings.

The Supreme Court of Florida and the United States Supreme Court computers have logged on in the past, along with numerous universities and the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. From Brooklyn, New York, Washington, D.C., across Texas, to Costa Mesa, California, people continue to read the blogs, well over 200 essays since Professor William “Chip” Brantley initiated FreeCharlieNormanNow in 2008. He oversees the journalism school at the University of Alabama.

My wife, Libby, does an outstanding job keeping track of and answering the e-mails that come in. If you are a new reader, or an old reader, we would like to hear from you. Just use the comment section, tell us what you think, and leave your e-mail address, to be added to our mailing list for future blogs, if you like.

Life in prison has been difficult and challenging the past few months, and I’ve not been able to write as much for the websites as I’ve wanted to. Along with my lawyers, Libby and I have been compiling documents seeking a new parole hearing in hopes of bringing down my current parole date from July 5, 2017, to a closer one. With opposition from corrupt prosecutors with political ambitions and a personal vendetta, that work takes supreme efforts.

If you are interested with helping with this worthwhile project, contact us. We need letters of support.

Meanwhile, we welcome all the new readers in the U.S. and around the world. Thanks.