Sunday, May 11, 2008


Dateline: April 20, 2008 Passover
Location: deep inside a prison cell in Florida

What a Great Hustle!

Everyone saw the horrible video a few weeks ago, the Hillsborough County jail guard upending and dumping the paralyzed prisoner on the floor in Central Booking. In less time than it takes you to say, "huge lawsuit, huge lawsuit," Sheriff David Gee had fired the offending guard, immediately followed by Mark Ober charging her with a felony. Sounds like she's going to get her just desserts, right? Wrong! No way in the world will she ever get convicted, let alone go to prison. Why? Because she hired Norman Cannella, Mark Ober's partner, to put in the fix!

If John Gotti was "The Teflon Don," Norman Cannella has to be the "Pam," the non-stick aerosol oil, he's so slippery. He slipped out of the federal charges of bribery, conspiracy, and being a member of an international drug cartel, and became a law partner with Mark Ober. And guess who two of his top clients were? Vincent Lo Scalzo, the former driver for infamous Mafia boss, Santo Trafficante, the purported successor as head of the Tampa mob, and Bernie Holder, Tampa chief of police! They never went to jail.

Then along came "Bubba, the Love Sponge," who was charged with felony animal cruelty for broadcasting the castration and butchering of a live pig on his tasteless radio show. Nationwide outrage ensued. Freshly-crowned state attorney, Mark Ober, milked it for all it was worth, but the fix was in. Who you gonna call? Norman Cannella!

Cannella got a fat fee and a fortune in free publicity (and subsequent fat fee clients), and his partner, Mark Ober, shoved it all under the rug when the furor died down. Smart choice, Mr. Love Sponge.

The Tampa Tribune editorial recently charged Mark Ober with sweeping an election law violation under the rug. What a rug that must be by now! It probably took 500 Taliban weavers a couple of years to make Mark Ober's rug, one that would cover the Tampa Bay Lightning's hockey rink!

What a great hustle these guys have! How long will it last? Maybe forever, if past history is any indicator. I know from personal experience what unethical liars these twins are. And they only get bolder the older they get. How much justice can you afford?

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Vox Populi said...

Holy shit. I thought I had read this one but I had not.

I had forgotten some of this stuff. There's SO MUCH OF IT I know I can be forgiven.