Monday, April 14, 2008


Dateline: April 9, 2008 Location: from a prison cell

I am new at this blog game, and obviously because of my circumstances, I must learn as I go. I read the Tampa Tribune daily, a week late by mail, but enjoy Daniel Ruth, Steve Otto, and William March, their columns and the comments from their blogs. I hope that you will help me with this - take my leash in hand and lead me in the right direction - give me your insight, comments, suggestions on how to proceed, what to write about and discuss.

I have spent my time in prison more as a studious monk than a convicted murderer, and I have documented over thirty years of imprisonment in words, art, and photos. I have read over 4,000 books, the World Book Encyclopedia (twice), the Holy Bible (several times), over two hundred art books, history, science, religion, psychology, anthropology, archaeology, genetics, criminology, social science, politics, and much more. I've read every book that a number of popular authors have written, including John D. MacDonald, Elmore Leonard, Robert B. Parker, Stephen King (reading Duma Key now), James Grippando, James Lee Burke, his daughter, Alafair Burke, Tom Clancy, Michael Connelly, Stuart Woods, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Sue Grafton, Greg Iles, and several more.

There is not much I don't know about crime, punishment, and prison. When I first was locked up, I treated my imprisonment as I thought Margaret Mead would conduct herself had she been parachuted into a strange new society in New Guinea or elsewhere. Criminals of every stripe have confided in me, and I've learned more than anyone ought to know about the details of thousands of crimes. I've talked to child molesters, kidnappers, bank robbers, burglars, con men, and serial killers, including Ted Bundy and several who were never identified as such.

I've worked with juveniles in the state boot camp program, and literally thousands of adult prisoners in many other programs over the years, including women prisoners from Lowell.

Although my immediate focus is wrongful prosecution and imprisonment, if you have questions about most any other topic I will address them. I've studied the prison issues and prisoners, and I have a unique vantage point. Send me your comments. Thanks.

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