Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dateline: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Location: deep inside a prison cell in Florida

I've heard that some of the top CFO's & billionaires like Mark Cuban & Bill Gates get up early in the morning & spend hours reading & answering their e-mail. I'm in a little different situation, without a laptop, no wi-fi, no Starbucks or hotspots; you think "dial-up" is slow! - you ought to try prison! I totally rely on my dear friend, Libby, the President of The Norman Partnership, Inc., to check my e-mail, relay the messages to me, & send back my responses.

On a "typical" blog, I suppose the blogger would check the responses, & then make comments right then. Instant access. Daniel Ruth of the Tampa Tribune does a newspaper column that reprints & comments on some of the entries readers have made. Are you googling your name, Mr. Daniel Ruth? If so, it will lead you right here, like Hansel & Gretel's bread crumbs. If Mark Ober & Norman Cannella google their names, they're probably going to be pretty upset with me, & want my head on a platter, but come on, guys, haven't you had your turn? You did your best to strap me in the electric chair, Old Sparky, & would probably have enjoyed pulling the switch.

Most likely, Mark delegates his googling to his protege, Pam Bondi, who loves dogs. Mark is grooming her for greater things, though. My sources in the state attorney's office say that Mark has someone to do all that internet & computer search stuff for him, so he can go fishing.

They say that the best route to internet success is to mention Britney Spears, Madonna, Beyonce, & the Pussycat Dolls on WWE, but I'm not going to resort to such trickery. I'll try to maintain my focus on the fact of an innocent man in prison for over thirty years, desperate to be vindicated, no hard feelings.

I look forward to your comments & suggestions. You can also click on e-mail at the web site, . There may be a delay of a day or three in response, but I will diligently answer your questions. Thanks.


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