Sunday, September 8, 2019


Friday, September 6, 2019

NOTICE: The prison hurricane evacuation was only a test. If it had been a real hurricane evacuation, there would have been high winds and rain blowing off roofs and flooding the streets in Florida. Instead, thousands of prisoners were quickly bused to distant inland prisons as practice, in case a real emergency comes up during the current hurricane season. No one is complaining. Hurricane Dorian blew away large swaths of the Bahamas, but spared Florida. All we saw were breezes and intermittent drizzles.

On Wednesday, September 4th, the FDC Secretary, retired U. S. Army General Mark Inch came to Columbia C. I. to thank the prisoners for cooperating with the challenging prison evacuations. That's never happened in my 41 years imprisonment, the head man showing up and openly talking with the prisoners. We're hoping that willingness to participate in dialogues with prisoners continues.

The guards came in the dorm at 3:23 a.m. this morning and told us to get ready to return to Tomoka C. I. Ten hours later, we boarded buses. Dozens of guards were waiting for our return. Everyone was exhausted after the rough bus ride, and I looked forward to falling out on my bunk. It was not to be. Every bunk had been "flipped," the term they use for ransacking the housing areas while we were gone. It looked like Hurricane Dorian's wrath had been imported into our dorm, tossing the bunk mattresses, scattering pillows, sheets and blankets.

I understand. Everyone was gone, nothing was happening, the hurricane bypassed Daytona, they were bored, had nothing to do, someone suggested, let's ransack everything. Hey, good idea. "C'est la vie."

The worst part is the authorities have cancelled family visits for the second weekend in a row. It's easy to remake a flipped bunk. Losing days with your loved ones is irreplaceable.

Please pray that the weather build-ups in the eastern Atlantic Ocean fizzle out and spare us all any more natural disasters this year.

Best to all.


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