Sunday, May 26, 2019


Dateline: Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday morning, during breakfast, two prisoners slipped into another housing area and brutally stabbed another sleeping prisoner multiple times. Fortunately he survived. The culprits were captured live and in color on the multiple video cameras mounted everywhere. One cut himself during the attack, marking himself. America's dumbest criminals.

The victim went to the hospital and his attackers went to lockup. They won't be seen in these parts for a long time. Although the case was easily solved, an isolated incident of rivals, in an act of brilliance the people in charge declared a 72- hour lockdown, no movement, no yard, no work, no canteen, no TV's, no phone calls, all 1300 other prisoners who'd done nothing wrong but exist, punished arbitrarily. They let us buy these little tablets last year to send and receive emails, and haven't shut down the WiFi yet, knock on wood, so I am able to send this out. They did permit visits, and this morning Libby rescued me from several hours of forced sitting quietly on my bunk, to spend time with her in the air conditioning. It seemed only minutes had passed before I was trudging down that back road in the scorching 95° heat, back to the sweltering building I live in.

Perhaps someone higher up will have mercy on us and call off the lockdown, but that's unlikely. All these testy, overheated men crowded together with nothing to do is a prescription for trouble. At least I have a good book to read. Please pray for sensibility.

Best to you, and hope you all have a nice, peaceful Memorial Day.


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