Friday, January 9, 2009


Dateline: January 3, 2009


I’ve gotten much positive feedback from some surprising sources on Jessica Gresko’s Associated Press article and Suzette Laboy’s video clip on the Anne Frank Prison Diary project. My friend, Libby, was surprised when she turned on her computer and saw my face on the Yahoo News site. A Google search of Anne Frank + Charles Norman turned up dozens of newspapers and web sites that picked it up.

At our prison visit a young correctional officer told Libby and me that she’d read the story on DOC Web, which I assume is the prison system’s employee web site. Several guards reacted positively to the article in the local Daytona Beach newspaper. I haven’t been pepper –sprayed, Tased, or shipped off to some distant prison near the Alabama border (knock on wood), so I suppose the DOC powers-that-be weren’t offended either.

I am thankful for some of the interesting responses from concerned citizens to the Free Charlie Now web site and the blog. I appreciate new friend, “Vox Populi” and his/her advice. Others I won’t mention, but will reply to personally.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but the widespread anger generated by Hillsborough County’s notorious state attorney, Mark Ober, continues to bubble to the top. Each week, it seems, we find out more and more about the man behind the mask. Thanks for sharing.

There have been numerous comments about the blog, “The High Cost of Prison Discipline,” and I am following that up with “How To Save The State a Quarter Billion Dollars,” my proposal to reduce the prison population and budget by ten percent, rather than building nineteen more prisons in the next five years and wasting more money we don’t have. If you could forward this blog to legislators, other Tallahassee politicians, and anyone else possibly interested in new solutions, I’d appreciate it.

In answer to “How in the world can you get internet in prison,” the answer is I can’t. I don’t have a computer. But I have dear friends “on the street,” in free society, who have computers and internet skills, and as long as I have paper, pencils, stamps, and envelopes, and The First Amendment is still in effect, my alternative voice will be heard. And thanks to the Tampa Writers’ Alliance, the PEN American Center and Jackson Taylor, The Anne Frank Center USA, and others who’ve helped me keep my works in print and available.

Hopefully 2009 will be more fruitful and less painful for all of us. I still seek freedom from wrongful imprisonment and will never quit fighting for it.


Vox Populi said...

well, I was leaving you a long comment but (surprise surprise) it got bounced and I'll have to rewrite it.
Things are mighty helter skelter out here since you and I got in touch.
Things weren't great before that.
I'll try to rewrite it from memory. It's things you'll be interested in.

Vox Populi said...
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Vox Populi said...

Okay here goes to the best of my memory and perhaps some addendums. I had to delete this and repost because it got divided somehow and makes better sense now.

I've found out more since I last spoke with you.
Counting on some lag time due to the mail and such I wanted to wait until
you and/or your people had a chance to peruse and respond.
I was fairly certain you were not allowed online in prison.

Hell the DOD blocked some online activities for our soldiers in the face of huge public outcry so I can only imagine what they (DOC) do to others when no one else is the wiser.

Perhaps it is easier for me to see the picture because I have watched these methods for so long (over four years with my knowledge)
With my own loved one this is what they do: The alleged 'friends' of my loved one will take him here and there constantly testing the waters (not so many could put their finger on it) to guage what bothers him and what his reaction will be. With this information, the morons hope to make an 'educated' guess to create and manipulate a situation to the desired outcome. Of course, when you know what they're up to ... you just refuse to participate OR participate when it suits YOUR desired outcome. For instance, at Westshore Mall last evening (do you remember westshore mall?? It hasn't changed much other than the new yorkers (and I don't mean this in a biased but a factual way) have outfitted it with a new facade and thrown it wide open to gangster playland. When the few citizens left in Tampa go to westshore plaza it's now a wideopen territory of street theater and setups.
This one 'gangy' youngish guy walked by my loved one's friends and made a caustic remark. No bounce. Then he passed by an older guy and allegedly made a comment and the older guy picked up a metal rack and started hitting him with it. Right. Because I just spent over an hour checking the sheriff's website for arrests and no one got arrested from westshore mall.
They're trying to set my loved one up for something/anything. I've watched this OVER AND OVER AND OVER again so I spotted it right away in this bluffstone case. The connection to bluffstone and whatever someone wanted from him or with him dead .... I know why they are trying to set up my loved one. It's all over our property.
It's a fairly slick operation, using children, seemingly non-interested adults, elderly people. Lots os planted witnesses.
SO, this is what they do: testing the waters.
Once a semi truck hit my car and there were so many witnesses it was unbelievable. They were just trying to get me into the court system and involved with certain legal ummm professionals.

I also noticed that whoever is writing your story for you doesn't make it clear initially that you were an undercover cop. That information (unless I missed it) only comes to light later in the tale and suddenly other things make sense. It would be better if that were known upfront.
Again, maybe it's just me.
Anyway, the likelihood that other things transpired before the murder is high. To see how bluffstone would react or even IF he would. The type of guy who will go help is easy to get. And ... they've done COUNTLESS things to my family and I. To disable our vehicle, etc...
What seems strange was strange.
Things that make you go .. hmm, that's a little weird.
A guy stopped me one night as I was leaving my gym ... asked for help jumping his car. Brand new as opposed to my older model.
Had his own cables but I was the one he stopped.
I motioned to my passenger to watch him through the gap in the hood
I noticed his cables had a terminal attachment missing (just wires) and already motioning it towards my engine
I said, 'i'll get my cables'
He gave me a very strange smile and said, yeah these are broken isn't that weird/ Meantime he was looking hard under my hood (yknow the battery is in plain sight) ODD ODD ODD. I asked my companion to step out and shine thse spotlight on the situation.
We barely got the cables attached and I said, 'it will probably take a minute' and he jumped straight in his truck.
Truck fired up STRONG AS STRONG could be.
He was trying to disable my car in some way.
Anyway ... they want to see how you'll react. The good thing is that they don't have ANY patience nor much intelligence so they make minor, major and stupid mistakes.
It's what happens when one surrounds themselves with morons.
Be well.
my point here is to illustrate how this same group of people involved with you are long-practiced in manipulating events and using children or whatever is necessary.
So, all those odd loose ends in your story. They DO add up. Everyone had a latent purpose to fire up if needed.
Like carnival barkers, collectors, etc...
It's a very bad one-act play and they are destroying people with it.
My young loved one made the observation that WAY TOO MANY people in tampa seem to be just playing at their jobs. Like stand-ins for the real cops and other 'authority'.
They're posers.
Again, be well.
I'm sure this is enough for one day.
Sometimes the things I say may sound crazy and I agree they are. I'm not an impartial observer because these things are happening to those in my network but it's NOT myself who is crazy.
Anyway, rake it all back over with a fine tooth comb applying what I've told you and eventually the REAL scenario will emerge.