Monday, August 31, 2020


 Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:13 a.m. Tomoka C. I., Daytona Beach, Florida

My last update, June 25th, has been long gone. I've been steadily working on my court appeal, with a deadline--now August 16-- no leeway. That's okay, I'm making good progress, until yesterday.

A fellow inmate in dorm K-2 declared a dental emergency earlier yesterday for an abscessed tooth. He had a temperature---duh---infection! --so late yesterday ''they'' declared another medical quarantine for my dorm until the virus test results come back--maybe Monday. Great. Now we have to deal with a new issue.

That does hurt me, since that precludes my attending the previously-approved law library research appointments needed to complete my appeal.

Something weird happened yesterday. June 10th, I had an EKG, for chest pains, and they scheduled an appointment with the prison doctor for a consultation a week later. Cancelled. Rescheduled. Cancelled two more times. Finally I got called.

I went to medical, and the guard called the nurse, said we had to go to mental health. Mental health? I'm supposed to see the doctor. New procedure, she said, video doctor.

She couldn't find my file. The doctor appeared on a large monitor, clear picture, perfect, unlike the faulty Jpay video visits they pawn off on us. I asked who he was and where he was. Department of Health, in Volusia County, down the street from the prison, he said.

He began asking me questions:

Date of birth

Had I lost any weight

Was I eating well

Did I drink plenty of water

Did I get enough exercise?

I wondered what any of those questions had to do with my EKG consultation.

Then he floored me:

''When did you find out you were HIV positive?''

What? Whoa!

''What are you saying? I've NEVER been HIV positive. I'm supposed to be getting the results of my EKG test.''

Oops. Sorry. No wonder we can't find your file. You're in the wrong office.

Another nurse led me back the other way, to Dr. J. Westfall's office. He was in a grumpy mood.

''Left Anterior Fasicular Block,'' (LAFB), the doctor said. ''Don't worry about it.''

Easy for you to say, doc.

Libby asked Mr. Google, who expanded the diagnosis--LAFB is a cardiovascular condition that could increase the likelihood of heart failure, sudden cardiac death, or atrial fibrillation.

Add it to the list.

Saturday afternoon---My mother, Lucille Norman, is recuperating at home from her broken hip, and is doing well with her rehab. She is saddened by the recent death of her younger brother, Jim David Walker, 87, of Texarkana, Texas.

As for the pandemic, Tomoka C. I. is virtually clear of the virus, and is set to resume educational classes July 29th. Prisoners are getting antsy about family visits resumption postponed again, this time until August 17th. The feeling is, if Disney World and Universal Studios can open, why can't this prison?

Columbia C. I., a 1,200 man unit near Lake City, Florida, supposedly has 1,000 inmates tested positive for the virus.

All the best to all.


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