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Wednesday, June 25, 2020, 1:59 p.m., Tomoka C. I., Daytona Beach, FL.

Where do I begin? I sent Update #28 to Libby this past Saturday, for posting, but she didn't receive it until today, Thursday, five days later. We are hampered by and at the mercy of JPay's Big Brother incompetence. Another email might be delivered an hour after sending. Nevertheless, the availability of tablets and emails to all prisoners, something un-imagined a few years before, has changed prisoner/family communication for the better.

I told you about the thunderstorm and lightning bolt that knocked out the Jpay WiFi over the weekend. Finally, Monday, after complaints from inside and outside the prison, the WiFi was repaired and went back on-line.

Other news---the weekend local TV news briefly mentioned that guards killed a prisoner at Lake C.I., near Clermont, Florida, during a ''use of force.'' Wednesday's early morning news from WESH-TV, channel 2 from Orlando, broadcast a fifteen-second clip of a handful of protesters carrying signs in front of the prison. No George Floyd protest marches over a Florida prisoner's death, no bodycam videos.

I briefly talked about the bogus disciplinary report (DR) I received last month. I haven't yet said much about it on these pages for several reasons, one being that FDC officials and staff read my blogs and emails, I am filing appeals, and I don't want to tip my hand until my complaints are officially filed with higher authority. My first court appeal, a ''mandamus petition'' goes to the circuit court in Tallahassee, with a $400 filing fee. Ouch!

New Quarantine Scare---In all their correctional training, officials decided to completely screw up Dorm K-2 by making it the confinement release overflow housing for inmates supposed to return to a full capacity B-Dorm, the higher security dorm for thugs, gang members, drug salesmen, troublemakers, and loudmouths. In the month or so I was gone on quarantine in dorm K-1, they moved out a couple dozen well-behaved, quiet inmates, replacing them with the above-described screw-ups.

On Monday afternoon, they released another screw-up to K-2. First thing he did was locate the drug and tobacco salesmen, telling them he had money on his debit card. Extend him credit today, and he would pay a premium tomorrow. Reminded me of ''Wimpy'' from the old Popeye cartoons--''I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.''

The guy smoked up all the drugs and tobacco, then fell out, faking a seizure. The guards and nurses showed up with a gurney and took the miscreant to the infirmary. He didn't fool any of us, but he faked out the nurses. Next thing we know, dorm K-2 is under COVID-19 quarantine. Locked down. No movement, callouts cancelled.

A number of prisoners questioned two officials making their dorm inspection about the bogus quarantine. They said that the inmate had been tested, and it would be a couple of days for the results to come back.

Today they announced the quarantine was over, the inmate's test was negative, and he returned to confinement. The drug dealers were not happy.

Thankfully, there have been no new coronavirus infections at Tomoka C. I.


Chicago, Illinois---A federal judge ordered the release from prison of an alleged organized crime enforcer who is said to have health issues that places him at heightened risk from the novel coronavirus.

Detroit, Michigan---Dozens of people in the Detroit area were bailed out of jail during the coronavirus pandemic by nonprofits pushing to dismantle the cash bail system.

Lincoln, Nebraska---The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services said an inmate at the Nebraska State Penitentiary has tested positive for the new coronavirus,

Rutland, Vermont---State officials said all staff and inmates at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility in Rutland will be subject to testing for the new coronavirus on June 29. Testing also took place at the facility on Saturday.

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