Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the readers of this blog, “Free Charlie Norman Now,” representing 88 countries of the world, besides most of the 50 states of the U.S., and provinces and states of Canada and Mexico. After getting the latest statistical report from my friend and webmaster, Dan, I have to revise that count upward.

During the month of January, we’ve added readers from Jamaica, Azerbaijan (I must find an atlas), Kuwait, and Bulgaria to either the blog or the web site, 92 countries! That is amazing to me, locked in my cell, lights out in minutes, but my words, recollections and opinions crisscrossing the world on the Internet, hopefully having a positive impact on the lives of people I’ve never met or spoken to. I do not have Internet access, but my wife, Libby, and friend, Dan, do, translating my barely legible letters into readable text on a daily basis.

We continue to get regular traffic from readers across the  United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, India, China, Brazil, and many other countries representing every continent except Antarctica. I’ve learned that the blogs can be translated from English to a number of other languages, readers can write comments in their languages, and translate them to English, so that I can read them. Technology is mind-boggling.

Over two hundred essays have been published on the blog in the past seven years, and all are available from the archives. Libby and I have discussed putting out an interactive table of contents for the blog titles, but our combined computer expertise has been tested. If any computer-savvy readers in any of those 92 countries would like to offer their help, it would be gratefully appreciated.

My friend, Dan, has a facebook page dedicated to my freedom efforts. If you’d like to add your name as a friend, please do so. We thank you for your support

Prison is a time warp. While society and the outside world are moving at lightning speed, prison life is intentionally slowed down to a horse and buggy pace. The longer a person spends in prison, the faster the world moves past him or her, and the farther behind one becomes. For many prisoners who have suffered decades of imprisonment prior to their releases, they are hopelessly behind the times, and have great difficulty adapting to a new world. They are overwhelmed.

I have fought hard to keep pace with the world over the past 37 years, watching the news on TV, reading every available magazine and newspaper, ordering books, studying, taking classes, and keeping in contact with family and friends. How many prisoners know what a blog is, or how to send an e-mail, or Google something? The prison system inadequately addresses these issues, but I do. It is a constant struggle to keep up, to prepare for freedom. We learn by doing.

I would love to hear from any readers who have comments or questions. Leave your e-mail address, and you will get a prompt reply. Life in an American prison is not easy, especially after almost 37 years, and the interest and friendship of people around the world are coveted and much appreciated.

To those new readers now representing 92 countries, welcome to my blog, and to those who have been reading my commentaries all along, I wish you a great 2015, in a place of peace, joy, love, health, and prosperity. May we strive for such goals for everyone.


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