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Monday, January 12, 2015

Along  with the rest of the world, I watched the news unfold in Paris, France, this past week, the slaughter of the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine for their irreverent and satirical treatment of the Muslim Prophet. They paid a high price for exercising their freedom of speech, and the world rallied with the “Je Suis Charlie” — “I Am Charlie” signs, shirts, and headlines. It had a great effect on me, and I identify with those who were sacrificed, although I have yet to pay the ultimate price for exercising my God-given rights to freedom of speech.

If you have been a reader of the “FreeCharlieNormanNow” blog since its inception by Professor William “Chip” Brantley in 2008, or visited the web site, you will be familiar with my continuing travails with the corrupt politicians who will do or say anything to keep me imprisoned years after I should have been released, and the complicity of Florida prison officials working on their behalf.

My troubles have not been with radical Islamists, but with home grown All–American KuKluxKlan (KKK) prison guards and those who sympathize with them (of which there are legion). Like cockroaches, the white supremacist guards I inadvertently offended some years ago prefer existing in the darkness. Turn over a rotted board, and they scurry from the light.

You can Google my memoir, “To Protect The Guilty,” on the Internet to read for yourself what I wrote that brought down the attacks that have lasted several years. You’d think that in the “modern America,” such actions by state government employees would not be tolerated, but I am the (now) living example  that proves otherwise. Perhaps it is fitting that essay was written for the Anne Frank Center U.S.A. in New York City.

I am Charlie, too.

I am pleased to report that the worldwide readership for the “FreeCharlieNormanNow” blog has now surpassed eighty-eight countries. The most recent web site statistics from my friend, Dan, lists just some of the countries where people have read the blogs: US, 37%, Italy, 3%, Canada, 5%, United Kingdom, 2%, Brazil, 10%, Japan, 2%, China, 2%, France, Spain, Philippines, Sweden, Norway, Belfast Northern Ireland, Chile, Morocco, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Denmark, India, Russia, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Rumania, Germany, Venezuela, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, and others.

U.S. log-ons have been from most every state, a number of universities, the U.S. Congress, the Florida Supreme Court and the District Court of Appeal. The Florida Department of Corrections continues to be a frequent monthly visitor.

I am grateful for all the fine people who have taken the time to read my works. You are welcome to make comments by clicking on “Comment,” and leave your e-mail address for future updates. Thanks.


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