Saturday, April 26, 2014


Kangaroo Court has struck again! Charlie had his d.r. hearing 04/22/14, was found guilty (what a surprise), and given 30 days in confinement, which means his release date will be 05/21/14. I don't know any details yet, but I have a feeling this situation was a set-up from the outset. Apparently, either the witnesses were not interviewed or they corroborated the inaccurate facts of the d.r., or they were ignored.
If you would like to tell the warden and the D.O.C. secretary how you feel about this verdict, you can use their e-mail addresses; and and for good measure, the assist. warden, Richards at
You can also send  a complaint to the inspector general's office by using their online electronic complaint form on the DOC web site.
And we still need your prayers, if you are so inclined.
This is bad enough for Charlie, but now the 3 positive programs he was spearheading at O.C.I. will most likely fall by the wayside; which means a lot of the other men who were participating in these programs will lose out, too. It seems to me that everyone in the Florida DOC would be a LOT better off if all the energy, resources, time, and personnel that are currently and habitually used to play these unfair and evil games with people's lives were instead applied to efforts to give the inmates a hand up with positive programs and activities, and actually make outcomes better than they are now. The good-ole' boy system goes merrily on, and evil thrives in the gutter that is prison.
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