Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Memory Of Merry, The Wonder Dog

Friday, April 11, 2014, was a sad, hard day for Libby and me. Merry, her loyal and constant companion and protector, passed on peacefully in the vet’s office. She was fifteen years old. I’m not ready to write Merry’s story — even though we never met face-to-face — the prison doesn’t allow dogs to visit — but I knew her through her exploits with Libby the entire time we’ve been together. I loved her, too. Recounting the events of their daily walks in the neighborhood, and her sniffing friendships with Blue, Blackie, Marty, Fernando, Buddy, Bentley and their human escorts, and others, Libby frequently said, “Everybody loves Merry.” And they did. Just don’t get too close to Libby, or you may earn a growl of warning.

In 2003. while I was at Tomoka C.I. in Daytona, Libby took Merry for a jaunt from their home in Jacksonville to Flagler Beach. Merry loved the surf and the seabirds. On that day Libby took a photo of Merry, and in honor of her, I made a painting of the scene, “Merry at Flagler Beach,” so that one day, when Merry was gone, Libby would have something to remember her by. That day has come. A photo of the painting is below, so you can know her, too.

In the past months, I wrote two poems about Merry, from the frightened, injured pup who whimpered outside Libby’s church office door one cold night, on the brink of giving up for dead, to her healing and growth as Libby’s “Guardian Angel.” The point being that we are all guardian angels to each other.

The second poem, “Dog Heaven,” written in the weeks before Merry’s weakening and passing, was meant to lessen the pain of the loss of Merry and to show that there is, indeed, a better place.

I’m not one to assign human characteristics to animals, but in Merry’s case, if humans exhibited the qualities of love, loyalty, courage, and selflessness that exemplified Merry’s life, the world would be a much better place.

If you are a dog lover, you know what I mean. If not, I’m sorry.

Rest In Peace, Merry.
April 17, 2014


Anonymous said...

Oh now I know who Merry is. I'm so sorry Libby !!! (and charlie) She's happier now but boy that's a tough one to get through. I dislike sounding trite but do this: pop in at the smallest animal shelter you know of one day soon. Walk around until you find your new friend. Merry will have sent her. Promise.

So sorry !!! She is so pretty !!! Like mama like daughter (vox)

Anonymous said...

Libby I have a feeling it's time for you to get a new pup. Just pop in a place unexpectedly. That's the only way the magic works. Walk around until you see 'the one'. I normally don't write my cheyenne craziness on the internet but look: I went and got this replacement (never be another merry) thing by accident. There's one major difference. The other dog had a stub tail that could only be described as odd, ugly and weird. No really. THAT TAIL !!! It just sat there. It was odd. It was so her.

So I kept looking at this pup all week because I thought it was chewing a hole in its tail and I kept checking for ticks and brushing it and looking for the deficiency or problem.



It is GROWING a RING OF BLACK HAIR in the exact spot the other one's ugly little weird stub tale (which was natural by the way) ended. This dog's tale is typical flipped up happy tail. but right there, where her soul-mate's (never be her you mutt!! lol) tail ended and was weird this one now has a ring near a complete round the tale ring of black hair ... very noticeable. I mean ... it's uncanny.

Ask Charlie if I'm right. And make sure you pop in one. A small one. Just veer in off the hwy. LOL !! No but seriously. It has to be spontaneous. You're going to find the one.

Love to you.