Monday, February 18, 2013


DAY TWENTY: Prison Diary January 22, 2013 Solitary Confinement Okaloosa C.I., Crestview, FL

Only ten days left in “the hole,” February 1st, unless the grinches pull something else out of their bag of tricks.

It has been a busy couple of days back here. No mail on the holiday, but perhaps tonight. Three trays, shower night, and mail call are the only things to look forward to back here. Fortunately, yesterday after 18 days in isolation, my long-awaited “canteen order” arrived – a pack of 150 sheets of notebook paper ($2.40 – how much at Walmart?) and some “security pens,” a very short pen with a flexible tube around it – 65 cents each, as opposed to the 19 cent Bics. We get gouged – one pen didn’t work – no refunds – but the fresh supply of ink and paper put me back to writing wok. Yesterday and today I completed and re-copied a short play, “Shut the F—K Up!” a gritty prison drama set in solitary confinement. Based on a true story, rated PG, Adult Language.

I also wrote another poem, “Some Things That Bring Me Joy,” a much brighter subject, which followed, “In The Darkness,” last week. It is generally quieter, so I can concentrate better. Still much legal work waiting to do, but I can only do so much of that at a time.

My friend and webmaster, Dan, in Seattle, sent me a nice letter with “stats” for the blog and website, with several new countries added to the list of blog readers. This is ne – “Krizevci, Koprivnicko-Krizevacka, Croatia. Translated into Croatian! If you haven’t been to the blog, it is

The State of Washington Dept. of Corrections is a new blog reader. The Florida DOC visits all the time, crossing their fingers and praying I will say something incriminating (sorry, fellas, you have to make up your own stories – I’m not going to help you).

George Washington University in Washington, D.C. is new. Buchrain, Luzern, Switzerland, Abernant, Alabama, Ottowa, Canada, Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland, Kfer Saba, HaMerkaz, Israel, Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Singapore, Cheadle, Chesire, U.K., Thames Ditton, Surrey, U.K., and the “Ministry of Defense,” U.K., join many readers in Great Britain, Australia, Canada and most everywhere in the U.S. Even Vermillion, South Dakota, and Fort Swain, California.

It is amazing to me how the world has changed in the almost 35 years of my false imprisonment. In prison, you are so heavily burdened, bound, and blindfolded that you move ahead at “turtle speed” while the rest of the world races along on the turnpike beside you at lightning speed. Six year olds are more computer savvy than most prisoners. Yet the prison system claims it wants prisoners to be prepared for freedom so they can be contributing members of society when they get out. I have dedicated myself to preparing myself and others to do exactly that, yet all my altruistic efforts are met by certain mean-spirited people who censor and photocopy my mail, fail to deliver it, and throw stumbling blocks in my path at every turn. And these are our “public servants” who draw paychecks every two weeks of taxpayer dollars, playing childish games on the state time clock. Nevertheless, I am confident that right will prevail, and continue to do my best in a trying situation. I am encouraged and strengthened by those who write and comment, so thanks for that.

Only ten more days!



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