Monday, July 3, 2017


For the past several months I’ve been very busy doing legal research for parole hearings. In April, the parole examiner recommended a July 4, 2017, parole release date, but in spite of the best efforts of legendary lawyer, William J. Sheppard, the commissioners postponed their decision.

Meanwhile, as an effective meditation method and way to release the stress of prison life, I took some time to create three new colored pencil drawings (above). The little boy is Ayden, six years old, the grandson of my dear friends, Dan and Stephanie. The portrait of the lady is from a magazine photo.

Portraits of people are one of the most difficult subjects for artists, and many artists can’t do portraits. If you can master portrait drawings and paintings, landscapes and still-lifes are easy. I like challenges.

The flowers are zinnias, one of my favorite garden flowers. Upon my release, I intend to focus on my large acrylic paintings for sale, and the colored pencil drawings are good practice. I hope you like them.

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