Friday, May 30, 2014


Saturday, May 24, 2014, in Crestview, Florida, began as a sunny, mild day of cloudless blue sky with a light, refreshing breeze. Lucille Norman, Charlie’s mom, Alice Walker, Charlie’s aunt, Justice Catrina Carroll, and I were ushered  through the gates to the accompaniment of smiling faces and friendly wishes. In just moments Charlie came through the door, we all gathered together in the visiting room, and our wedding began.

The ceremony was brief and basic: will you Charles, take Elizabeth…I do;  will you Elizabeth take Charles…I do; an exchange of traditional Irish Claddagh wedding rings, a brief first kiss as husband and wife, and here we are: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patrick Norman!

It may have been brief and basic, but the ecstasy, love, and God’s presence were intense. 

God’s divine intervention has been quite visible from the very beginning, fourteen years ago when Charlie and I first began our friendship and intensifying over the last several weeks. 

Prayers are being answered, miracles are emerging, and all of it thanks to our many friends, family, and supporters who have been praying for us and sending out their best. Now we continue the struggle as “one,” and we ask for your continued prayers and support. 

We are grateful, and we continue our prayers for you, too.

In love,
Libby and Charlie

          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patrick Norman, May 24, 2014
            Libby and Charlie May 25, 2014

            Alice, Libby, Lucille, and Charlie   May 24, 2014


Anonymous said...

My very best wishes on my very luckiest stars to all of you.

so happy that charlie's mama and alice were there to share your joy. Wish I had known. WOW lots to catch up on here. I knew it was about to crack soon. Good thing, too.

Oh and congrats to the love-birds.

I always thought of you two as married anyway so it's old news to me (vox)

Anonymous said...

Tell Charlie how fortunate he is to have such a lovely and indeed, blushing, bride.

Separated by war but not for long.

Anonymous said...

So wait. Are you going to tell the new puppy that you got married to get out of solitary? Or what? Seriously. Cool story, bro. (vox)
Those are SUCH NICE PICTURES LIBBY !!!!! I know this is hard for you; you're made of steel. God's love is stronger than all the rest multiplied by infinity.
And God loves you and God loves Charlie. And God loves Mrs. Lucilee Norman, Ms. Alice Walker and that great Justice who came and married you. So happy for you both. You look absolutely radiant and ... FABULOUS. Great job by the photographer creating 'that moment'.

Unknown said...

Hey wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most fun and enjoyable days. I liked the photos a lot. We also are marrying in the next year and wan to make our day look prettiest and it should be the perfect ceremony of the year in our family. We have been really busy with the vendor hunting. Haven’t even booked any of the wedding venues NYC. Will make our final choices soon.