Saturday, April 20, 2013


On the weekend of April 13 and 14, Charlie was blessed with a visit from his mother, Lucille Norman. She had taken a few days of her vacation from her full-time job at Walmart, to make the arduous journey of over 400 miles one way, thanks to the welcome assistance of her friend, Phil.

Lucille was able to visit Charlie on both Saturday and Sunday. It was a warm and joyful  visit for both, full of plenty of talk about goings on and catching up with family and friends. The last time they were able to visit prior to this weekend was 2 years ago.

Charlie continues to be awed and inspired by his gracious mother and is grateful for every opportunity to see her. It would be much better for both if he were moved to a location closer to her home in Tampa, so that visiting him would not be such a hardship on her. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Such a move for Charlie would apparently take an act of God to accomplish.

If you are so inclined, prayers for both of these good people would be appreciated.

Wishing you good times with your treasured family members,

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