Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Here are 2 new poems for your amusement. Charlie continues to work at improving his writing skills. As always, he welcomes any input, opinions, and constructive criticism.

We hope your holiday season is off to a good start.


by Charles Patrick Norman

Something happened

I didn’t understand,

So I asked my friend why.

He replied, “Sometimes it bees that way.”

I felt a buzzing in my head.

Something else happened

that made no sense to me,

So I asked him again to explain.

He said, “It is what it is.”

For some reason that infuriated me,

so I reared back my fist and

punched him straight in the mouth.

The buzzing in my head went away.

He looked at me, hurt, and asked,

“Why did you do that?”

And I answered, “Sometimes it bees that way,”

and punched him in the mouth again.

Holding a rag to his bleeding lip,

he asked me, “What was that for?”

And I said, “It is what it is,

except when it ain’t.”

He shut up.

No further questions.

and another one:


by Charles Patrick Norman

You say life is an accident, yet

I hear a crow cawing, another answering,

And wonder at your ignorance.

You say there is no God, yet

I look at the lines in my hand

And see our lie.

You say there is no hereafter, yet

When your child lay sick

You begged God to save her.

You say there is no evil, yet

I see men caged by men

Surrounded by darkness and hate.

You say there is no hope, yet

I see a son on his father’s lap, asking,

“Daddy, when are you coming home?”

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