Sunday, August 5, 2012


Dateline: August 5, 2012

Editors note: Here is an original from Charlie -
it's a new form for him that he calls "Exercises in Linguistic Gymnastics."

Since he can only see bits and pieces of The Summer Olympics on TV,
this is his way of joining in the spirit.

I think he deserves the gold; what do you think?
We hope it brings a smile to you.


Among us the cactus colossus,

Arose the question, can there be justice,

Or as Oedipus remarked on Olympus,

Is it just us?

Brutus and Columbus couldn’t reach a consensus,

So they brought in Cassius, the discus emeritus,

Rubbed his body with eucalyptus, some mucus,

And asked him to read the papyrus opus onus.

The bird he flipped us gave Pegasus tetanus,

But it could have been worse, like syphilis sanctus.

Icarus landed with a hibiscus of surplus humus

Rather humorous, with Venus versus Ursus,

Two out of three falls, refereed by the Walrus.

The habeas corpus took Cyrus the Incubus

A lovely dianthus picked by Narcissus.

Too bad the fungus spread to Tacitus,

When the noise abated

We agreed it was just us.


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