Sunday, July 8, 2012


Dateline: July 8, 2012

“Norman, Stop Writing!”

“I stand in a steel-barred, and concrete room, my hands tightly cuffed behind my back, waiting for a hostile and profane officer in a tiny office to receive instructions over the telephone whether or not to lock me up in solitary confinement for writing a poem. Everyone’s a critic! If other poets risked 30 days in lockup every time they wrote a poem, there would be far less poetry written in America. It is the day after July 4th.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Actually, Charlie received 90 days mail restriction for his poem, “How Should I Look?” That means he cannot send a letter to anyone, not even his mother, until October 12, 2012. This is a blatant U. S. Constitution First Amendment violation by the prison officials, since the U. S. Supreme Court has ruled that prisoners have the constitutional right not only to write, but also to correspond with people in the outside world. Charlie is appealing that illegal sentence.

If you disagree with gagging a prisoner and denying this award-winning writer his chance to express himself, you can help by writing your own letter to the Florida Department of Corrections’ leader expressing your disapproval, referencing Charles Norman, #881834. That address is:

Ken Tucker
Florida Department of Corrections
501 South Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500

We will keep you posted. Thanks for supporting the First Amendment.


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Anonymous said...

So ... basically Mark Ober's ego is preventing Charlie Norman's elderly mother from hearing from her son?


They know no shame.

I would venture to say Marky Mark is much more upset over he and Pam the Jackal's portrayal in the below parole hearings.

As well .... I found some new dirt on some old boys. Gonna be some time cooking it up. Meantime beware anyone from South Texas College of Law. And I'd keep a close eye on the Levin lawyers too. Not all but many. Pam is a levin lawyer. I dislike to disparage them as s group but feel safe doing so for those of south texas who landed in florida at least. Be wary.