Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Regarding Charles Norman and the latest round of punishment

Dateline: St. Patrick's Day 2010

Regarding Charles Norman and the latest round of punishment:

The Disciplinary Report hearing that was postponed from Thursday, 03/11/10, was held on Tuesday, 03/16/10, at 6 AM. This kangaroo court found Charles Norman, #881834, guilty and gleefully sent him to confinement for 30 days. In spite of all our written witness statements refuting every phony charge against him, Charlie was still found guilty of unspecified mail violation, running a business from prison, and entering contests, just as the warden predicted before any hearing was held.

We believe the exercise of this entire process is in retaliation against Charles Norman that is predicated on an essay he wrote about the actions of Ku Klux Klan guards at work in Florida prisons, and that it is specifically designed to not only effectively deny him his First Amendment rights, but also to severely hinder his efforts to obtain parole and his access to due process.

What can possibly be gained by this harassment of a man already wrongfully incarcerated for over 32 years? Who profits by silencing a gifted writer and able witness to the human condition?

If this action by Florida D.O.C. overweening despots offends you as much as it does me, please make calls, send faxes, and e-mail to the following expressing your support of Charles Norman and asking for this entire Disciplinary Report and the hearing to be investigated. Charles Norman should be released from confinement, the Disciplinary Report removed from his record, and he should be immediately transferred to Sumter C.I., a move which has been approved since June, 2009. Further, no additional punitive action should be taken against Charles Norman.

Contact information:

1) Warden Steve Wellhausen (Tomoka C.I.)

Phone # 386 -323-1070 fax 386-323-1006

2) D.O.C. Gen. Counsel Kathleen Von Hoene

Phone 850-488-2326 fax # 850-922-4355

3) Dept. of Corrections Secretary Walter A. McNeil ( Tallahassee )

Phone # 850-488-7480 fax 850-488-4534

4) Inspector General D.O.C. Gene Hatcher

phone 850-488-9265 fax # 850-414-0953

5) Regional Director Gerald Abdul-Wasi

Phone # 352-989-9111 fax 352-989-9113

6) Florida Gov. Crist e-mail

Fax # 850-487-0801

7) State Senator Gary Siplin e-mail

8) State Senator Al Lawson e-mail

Thank you.

Libby Dobbin

Friend of Charlie


Anonymous said...

This is AN OUTRAGE. A man who causes NO TROUBLE. Hmmm. What does THIS remind me of? Oh yeah. Selective prosecution.
I SMELL MARK OBER !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I AM a relative of this man. I sit here reading the latest update in total disbelief.

Are those in power making these types of decisions morally bankrupt? Are there not other issues or prisoner's that require "much needed" attention? Say, oh, I don't know... serial killers or those psychologically impaired individuals who are "shanking" each other because someone sat in their spot at dinner? Seriously, are the power-hungry mongers so hungry and desparate that they will create such allegations and then actually put them in writing and have them reviewed (which by the way is costing the State for the manpower to review the rediculous allegations)? I mean the thought that had to be put into this in itself must of have been exhausting! Or, could it be that they are envious of a man who; let's face it, made the best out of a fistful of shit he has been fed for more than 30 years? Do they feel threatened that a wrongfully, imprisoned man has decided to persevere regardless of the situation and actually "do" something with his life like having become an accomplished and published writer, painter, inspirational individual, leader of some and follower of few? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Maybe we should change the title of FREE CHARLIE NORMAN NOW to I'M STILL HERE AND FAILED NOT,SO PUNISH ME MORE! OMG. I sit and wonder, at what point do the deliberate and yes, selective punisher(s) realize that a prisoner, who does what he is suppose to do on a DAILY BASIS, doesn't cause trouble, is a leader to most who really know him; could actually be viewed as such a threat to their man or womanhood and must be dealt with in this manner? One thing is for sure and I hope they have thought this far ahead... deceipt is like poison. Eventually, it will find it's way into every fiber of your; or in this case, their being and pretty soon, eat you up alive. Ashamed comes to mind. They should be ashamed and if the truth is known, each and every one of them is - on the inside. But they'll never tell will they? Or... will they?


Vox Populi said...

Expecting to shame these people is founded in love. They KNOW no shame. You can't make them feel it. Not so they would identify it, anyway.
Someone should call and put this lady right here on the hot seat about these rules

Rule Notices
Provided below is an index to notices of rules in the process of being adopted, amended, or repealed. For additional information see the definitions of different types of notices. Should you have any questions, please contact Janet Holmes at (850) 488-2326. If you need assistance viewing these documents, please see our accessibility information.

Type of Notice Rule Number
and Short Title F.A.W.
Date Download/
Review Process Complete
Notice of Rule Development 33-601.901 04/09/10 57K PDF
Confidential Records
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 33-602.220, 33-602.221,
33-602.222 04/02/10 31K PDF
Administrative Confinement;
Protective Management;
Disciplinary Confinement

rules cut and pasted at random.


Charlie, you know I'm a bit prescient. Actually more than a bit. It's a family trait. I KNEW they were up to something when they put you in gen. pop. The buildup for the kick. So sorry !! They stink like horse shit.