Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dateline: March 5, 2009


Last time I told you about Mark Ober’s favorite client, Hillsborough County’s most notorious serial killer, Oscar Ray Bolin, currently residing on Florida’s Death Row. If Mark Ober had his way, I’d be sitting in the cell beside Oscar along with at least a couple other of Mark’s clients.

Considering the horrific details of Ober’s favorite client’s most heinous crimes, the question arises as to why in the world did Mark work so hard to win the serial killer’s freedom? Did he want Bolin walking the street, free to kidnap, rape, and brutally murder innocent young women again and again? It didn’t matter. For all the free publicity on the front pages of the newspapers, Mark would have happily defended Jack the Ripper. (“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client never meant any harm to those women. He’s a poor, mixed up kid, and they asked for it. Please find him not guilty.”)

I spent a lot of time recounting Oscar’s crimes against poor Stephanie Collins, and next time I will tell you about what Mark’s client did to Teri Lynn Matthews, crimes shocking to the conscience. I also copied Oscar’s “articulate” suicide note left in his cell for Hillsborough Sheriff Captain Gary Terry. I doubt it will win a “PEN American” Literary prize, but it is interesting how Oscar got to that point, a level of despair so low that he decided to “cheat the executioner” by trying to off himself.

What a nut this guy (Bolin) is! Here’s how the appeals court judge described it: “While Bolin was in the Hillsborough County Jail in 1991, he was classified as a severe escape risk and danger to himself and others. Bolin was classified as a severe escape risk because he had been charged with murder and because he had attempted to escape while incarcerated in Ohio. During this attempted escape, Bolin hit a detention corrections officer with a piece of metal. Additionally, during Bolin’s detention in the Hillsborough County Jail, there was evidence that Bolin plotted with his girlfriend and another inmate to kidnap members of Major Terry’s [Note: he got promoted] family, corporal Baker’s family, the sheriff’s family, and a judge’s family. The alleged plan was to take the family members out-of-state and hold them for ransom in exchange for Bolin’s release. After discovery of the plan, Bolin was placed in a one-man cell with an officer located outside of the cell door watching Bolin twenty-four hours a day.

“Whenever Bolin was removed from his cell, he was shackled, handcuffed, and his activities severely restricted. To identify possible escape contraband, at least once or twice every eight-hour shift, jail personnel searched Bolin’s cell. During the search, Bolin was removed from his cell, and an officer searched the cell, replaced Bolin’s linens and bed materials, and searched all the materials in the cell.”
“Bolin attempted suicide.” (See State v Bolin, 693 So.2d 503 (Fla. App.2 Dist.1977)) .

Can you imagine if the crazy plot had worked? Mark Ober would have been right in the middle of it, negotiating with his client, the FBI, and “Dateline NBC” for an exclusive interview. He’d have been on the national news, not local, and he might even be the State Attorney General now, not the relatively lowly state attorney. What a dummy Bolin was! How he blew Mark’s chance for fame and riches! (“I coulda been a contender”).

This is a relatively short installment. I am working hard on legal issues right now, research and writing, combating false, malicious, and misleading statements that have adversely affected my freedom efforts.

I am also studiously researching campaign contributions made to the Republican candidate for state attorney ion the 2008 (uncontested) election. Cross-indexing names in the Florida Bar Journal (active attorneys licensed in Florida) I’ve encountered numerous contributions by people who listed only their home addresses, yet their work addresses all turned out to be 800 East Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa (state attorney’s office). Could it be that they were trying to keep their affiliations secret? (“What tangled webs we weave…”)

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Vox Populi said...

He just got a fourth trial. They'll keep chipping away. If he ever gets a break the rest will tumble. Who knows? I know his wife.

Vox Populi said...

A Mike Collins emailed me rather than replying here but I prefer to address his questions publicly rather than privately.
I think he misunderstood my comment.
He says oscar should fry. I don't believe in the death penalty so I don't agree with THAT POINT of his email. I do agree that appropriate punishment is in order.
mike collins highlited my statement: I know his wife.
My statement 'i know his wife' was meant as nothing more than I know his wife. I know who murdered my family members, too. That doesn't confer any opinion; just a statement.
I read that he had been granted a fourth trial and came here and related that.
I said, 'they'll keep chipping away'. Yes, just in the fashion that they are chipping away at the firefighter murder Witnesses dying, detective in ill health, twisting the facts .. the firefighters all screaming for the release of what appears to be a GUILTY MURDERER.
Maybe my comment is more clear now.
I admit it was fairly cryptic, mike collins. My time is limited.
Is there any particular reason why you addressed my personal email account rather than put your questions to the blog??
Just curious.

Vox Populi said...

OH and for any trial when the family has provided testimony or support (which is MOST of them) I am sickened that the family is required to be watchdogs of the system. FORCED TO. We PAY these people to do this for our civiiized society.
Of course we also PAY THEM to apply justice according to the law and personal integrity and within the public trust and they fail to do that, as well.
As a society we have no choice but to police them.
The firefighters all got together and hired attorneys or keep one on retainer for all their many criminal acts. Oscar gets to do the same. Imagine the people rotting away who do not have this option.
Imagine the people who plead guilty every day because they HAVE TO get out of jail.
Of couse it's appalling that the aging mothers of these young women are forced to sit through this. On the other hand ... a good defense is in order. Do I think Oscar has had more than his share? Kinda.
BUT if he were an innocent man .... imagine those put to death who didn't do what they were convicted of.
Every sword cuts both ways.
Certainly I understand your anger. I live with it every day, sir.

Vox Populi said...

small world. I had completely forgotten that george lewis is there with charlie. Firefighter and a cop. WHERE are all the cops in defense of charlie like they're (the firefighters) there for george who, after all, left a footprint at the crime scene???
They're chipping away at that because it ENRAGES the brotherhood of firemen to have one of their own in prison. Despite his apparent guilt.
Why no outcry for him being declared innocent by the firemen ??? from day ONE. They had no interest in anything but supporting someone just because he was one of them...
one of the soldiers ....